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Ningyang profile: Ningyang County, located in the core of Shandong province, to the North of Mount Tai and South of Qufu, is called “the North of Mountain Tai and be close to the Saint "with the total area of 1125 square kilometers. Two townships, nine towns, two streets, one provincial development zone and 563 villages (or communities) make up Ningyang County, which has the population of 822,000.

In recent years, Ningyang County has been supported by traditional industries, emerging industries, and other characteristic industries. Then the industrial system with Ningyang characteristics was established for the very first time: the traditional industries is keeping optimizing the industrial structure with the steady development of the coal industry, textile industry, building materials industry and other industries; emerging industries are growing stronger and stronger, mining machinery, power transmission equipment, new energy and other industries are start to take shape; the influence of the characteristic industries is widening day by day, in addition, in analyzing and judging by National Geographic Indication Products ,the crickets and jujube pass the examination. Ningyang County won the honor of "Hometown of Chinese Cross Stitch" and "Hometown of Chinese Steel Ball".

Ningyang County has the main supported industries for China—the oil production and the grain production. It is the advanced province in the plain afforestation coverage and has been honored as the production base of eight goods---grain, cotton, peanuts, vegetables, crops seeds, mulberry, jujube, and Luxi yellow cattle. The total capacity of vegetables is 500,000 tons, and more than 50 varieties of vegetable seeds can be provided, of which cucumber seeds accounted for 70% of the total national demand; Ningyang jujube has a long history, well-known at home and abroad, which has the annual output of more than 10 million kilograms, classified by the National Ministry of Health as "health jujube".

Ningyang County has convenient transportation with Beijing-Shanghai highways, Ciyao-Laiwu railway track in the territory, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, Beijing-Fujian Highway, 104 State Road, and Jinan Weishan Road form the north and south vertically and horizontally, Mengying-Guantao Road crossing the East and the West, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway through East of the County; County highways extend in all directions of 1635.6 km mileage. The fiber optic communications has covered the whole county, including the townships. The program-controlled telephone capacity has been up to 117,500. The County has built a pithead power plant, two cogeneration power plants, and two urban water supply companies; the power grid has been developed totally, which can meet the needs of the rapid economic and social development.

Ningyang County is the main region of Huanghe-Huaihe-Haihe plain for grain-growing, cotton-producing and oil-producing regions with 60,300 hectares; There are more than 30 species initial proved reserves of metallic and non-metallic mineral in the County, of which more than 500 million tons are of high quality coal reserves, more than 50 million cubic meters of granite reserves and more than 8.6 million tons of potassium feldspar reserves, all the three kinds of reserve have very high development value. Moreover, in the Ciyao town, the famous sites of Dawenkou culture is right there.

For greater openness, accelerating the development, Ningyang County built the Science and Technology Industrial City in the North of Mountain Tai and Science and Technology Industrial Park round the City. Located in the Northern of the County, Science and Technology Industrial City in the North of Mountain Tai is flanked by Beijing-Fuzhou expressway, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail and it is focusing on creating modern industry core areas, Ningyang County sub-Center, new economic highlights development of Tai’an and Shandong;

Technology Industrial Park round the City is in the County, focusing on building a new industrial area, high-technology industry demonstration area and a modern, composite, new city. That is the theme "A park in a city" makes it possible. The covenient transportation, water, power and other infrastructure services will become a complete system with the aid of business, healthcare, education, entertainment and other service facilities, supporting the investment, facilitated production, living conditions for both foreign and domestic investors.

With the development pace of motherland, great changes have been taken place in Ningyang County, especially for the national economy and social development. Especially after 30 years of the reforming and opening up, under the correct leadership of the County Party Committee and local government, the County is developing seriously with implementing the party's principles and policies. By constant making efforts to reform and structural adjustments, the County’s comprehensive economic strength has been enhanced. The overall society is making progress, and the modernization of Ningyang drives it to a new period of development.

Physiographic features:

Location: Ningyang County is located in the West of Shangdong and the South of Tai’an city with the longitude 116 ° 36'to 117 ° 38' and North latitude 35 ° 40'to 35 ° 37'; The East and West of it is Xintai city and Wenshang County, the South Yanzhou city, bordering Qufu and Sishui County to the Southeast. In the North, bounded by Dawen River, it is in the two sides of the river with Daiyue District and Feicheng city, 1125 square kilometers of the total area. County is 56 kilometers away from Tai Mountain, 25 kilometers away from Qufu and 40 kilometers of Mountain Liang, in the tourism triangle centers of Tai Mountain, Qufu and Mountain Liang.

Terrain landform: the territory of East high and West low, In the East are mostly low mountains and hills, but much of the West is plain. The major landforms are low mountains, hills, plains and water. The territory's highest peak is Phoenix Mountain in the East with an elevation of 608 meters and the lowest is the Tung Shu town Hu Maonan WA, of 46 meters above sea level. In the whole, there are 146 hills and mountains, an area of 138 square kilometres; Hills are in the location around the low mountains, 70 to200 metres above the sea level and an area of 432 square kilometres; There are 15 larger rivers with a total length of 204.6 km and a basin area of 1021.3 square kilometers, belonging to the river system of the Yellow River and the Huai River basin.

Temperature and precipitation:

Ningyang County is in the moist temperate seasonal climate area, four seasons can be clearly divided throughout the year. The average annual temperature is 13.4 ° c, average January temperature -2.1 ° c, July temperature 26.8 ° c; and the extreme minimum temperature is -19 ° c, the extreme maximum temperature is 40.7 ° c. With 2679.3 annual sunshine hours, 199 days per year is frost-free period, average rainfall 689.6 mm. The Southeast and the North wind comes in spring and summer, autumn and winter more the Southeast wind and the North wind.

Ningyang County has a population of 830,000 people, where males are more than females. Han people, Hui people, Tibetans, Miao people, Zhuang people, Manchus, the Shui nationality and the Korean people live in the County but Han people is accounted for the vast majority of the population.

Customs: Liuqin drama, Pear Party in Mountain prodigy , Mountain Fu papercuts, Xiangyin Fenpi, Meihu drama, Yugu drama, "48" feast and the ceremony, Suona play of Chu, puppet shows, and color rice dumplings and the custom to send rice dumplings

Economic profile:

To insist the guide of scientific outlook on development, the changeable way and the adjusting structure as the main directions, in accordance with the overall requirements " to be hard for developing by strides, to start businesses for prosperity", to be firm to the "dual drive" development strategy, pushing on "the project concentrated construction years" strongly, all the above strategies will make the economy of the whole county move forward quickly and smoothly.

In 2012, the County’s output achieved 28.14 billion yuan, fiscal revenue of local government 904 million yuan, retail sales of social consumer goods 10.6 billion yuan, rising 11.6%, 30%, 14.8% over levels of a year ago respectively; and 23.85 billion yuan of fixed assets investment, an increase of 22.8%; value added growth of industrial enterprises 26.2%, the main business income 81.68 billion yuan, profits and taxes 11.5 billion yuan, rising 44.7%, 41.6% respectively; the three industrial structure adjustment was 15.94: 46.63:37.43.

Firstly, agricultural economy can develop steadily. The first thing is to achieve food production’s "ten continuous increases"; and a new 36,000 acres of green, pollution-free, organic vegetables, seedlings and flowers of 14,000 acres, 45,000 dairy cattle. What’s more, the number of agriculture leading enterprises of a standard size reached 95, the number of farmer specialized cooperative organizations can be 662. The effect of "New issues concerning agriculture, countryside and farmers " demonstration zone is to enlarge continously.

Secondly, industrial restructuring has sped up. In 2012, the investment of industrial projects was 14.29 billion yuan, which the modification investment was 9.36 billion yuan; The number of the scale industrial enterprise reached 340, increased 15 compared with that of last year;

The enterprises of sales income over one billion yuan and profits and taxes over thousands million respectively reached 213 and 259; 4 more provincial innovation enterprises, and 2 provincial innovation pilot enterprises, 6 national high-tech enterprises, 12 provincial brand products, high-tech industry production value accounted to 17.27 % of the industrial gross value.

Characteristic industries clusters, branding accelerates, and the strength of the private economic is enhancing markedly, achieving an added value of 16.8 billion yuan, tax revenue 1.5 billion yuan, rising 11.9% and 21%..

By further improving NCMS, New Rural Insuranee, rural and urban lowest life guarantee, Five Guarantees Supporting and disabled persons living allowance security, the social security system has been more perfect.

All kinds of education has gotten balanced development, the medical services system further improvement, and "culture benefiting the people project" is promoting; The 16 people's wellbeing things have been finished, including indemnificatory housing, livelihood park’s construction, which makes people's living conditions been improved. The work for further strengthening aims to the social management innovation, safety, stability, food safety supervision and so on, maintaining the harmony and stability of society.

Thirdly, tertiary industries are flourishing. The added value is 10.533 billion yuan for the whole year, an increase of 9.3%, the role itself in boosting economic development further enhanced. Commerce and other traditional services are ready to move on. Meanwhile, the merging services such as modern logistics, financial services, insurance, cultural tourism are speeding up. For instance, the projects of the Mountain Prodigy tourism development, Dilian Logistics, tobacco industries have been carried out. The projects of Yifeng Times Square and Jinyang International Trade City have been successfully advanced; The successfully organization of Pear Party, Jujube Party and Cricket-fighting Party brought a comprehensive benefit increased with steady steps.

Social business: In 2012, the per capita disposable income of urban residents and per capita net income of farmers reached 21,091 yuan and 9,496 yuan respectively of 15.2% growth and 15% growth. Farmers ' per capita net income was more than the province's average for the first time. New employment and re-employment in cities and towns was of 9,680 persons, the number of employment of rural labor force transferred is of 16,716.

Optical fiber communication covered the whole County, the capacity of program-controlled telephone capacity (NGN) was up to 117,500, broadband network, mobile users reached 116,000 and 670,000 respectively. The telecommunications industry is developing steadily. In 2012, the postal business volume increased 63.4966 million, with an increase of 21%, and the telecommunication business volume increased 128.178 million, with an increase of 28.19%.

Property resources:

The metallic and non-metallic mineral species preliminary proven are over 30 types, mainly coal, iron, gold, quartzite, potassium feldspar, Crystal, Kumota, alumina, silica, limestone, sulfur, gypsum, granite, clay, refractory clay, sand, and so on, of which the high quality coal reserves reaches more than 500 million tons, and more than 50 million cubic meters of granite, potassium feldspar over 8.6 million tons. All has high development value.


Ningyang County is well developed transportation. Beijing-Shanghai railway, the Southern Shanxi railway, Ciyao-Laiwu railway track in the territory, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, Beijing-Fujian Highway, 104 State Road, and Jinan Weishan Road forming the north and south vertically and horizontally, Mengying-Guantao Road crossing the east and the west, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway being through the County; the coal line of Jin-Yu-Lu railway West to East crossing 6 townships and one economic development zone. County territory railway mileage is up to 85.14 km; the highway road network transformation efforts gradually increased, building "half-hour economic circle" and "10-minute economic circle". All villages in the County have realized "all villages of cement roads or gravel roads ". By the end of 2012, the County Highway Traffic mileage would be 1635.6 km.

In the county, there are one biomass power plant, 2 cogeneration power plants, 2 urban water supply companies, 2 sewage treatment plants. The power grid has been developed totally, which can meet the needs of the rapid economic and social development.

By the end of 2012, the County built urban area of 8 square kilometers, and the urban population exceeded 150,000. The total green coverage in urban area reached 42%, of which the per capita public green area was 12.2 square meters. The County added afforestation 25300 acres, and the forest coverage rate reached 38%.

Urban basic services got further improve. For the unification of town and country, 1 compression station,172 waste transfer stations were built, which have the capacity to handle 150 tons of waste harmlessly per day, harmless treatment rate reached 100%; the daily sewage treatment capacity is 30,000 tons, centralized sewage treatment rate reached 97%; new heating area 150,000 square meters.

The popularization rate of the usage of city water and gas has been to 100% and 95%. The rate of intactness of the street lamps and their lighting rate is 100%. The urban public utilities has moved on in a quick speed, and the urban daily water supply capacity is 15,000 cubic meters per day, water supply coverage 100%, urban centralized heat-supply area 2.6 million square meters and gas penetration rate 96.6%.

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